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Among the most touching stories of tradition there is the one of the Three Wise Men who, following the Star of Bethlehem, reach the grotto of the Nativity bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

That the Three Wise Men were also kings is a medieval addition. They were certainly wise men from the East, whose knowledge could not fail to include medicinal plants.

As for the three gifts, one wonders what gold has to do with it. Exegetes and philologists have worked hard to demonstrate the symbolic as well as material value.

According to other scholars, we would be dealing with a translation error, caused by the assonance between two words.

Gold would actually be turmeric, a medicinal plant that shares with the precious metal its color.

Turmeric, frankincense, and myrrh constituted a precious anti-bacterial set: the ideal gift to preserve the health of a newborn baby that came to light in very difficult times and conditions.


It may be a coincidence but Canax was born in Milan, a city with a strong link to the Three Wise Men. The ancient church of Sant’Eustorgio preserves the sarcophagus containing, according to tradition, the remains of the Three Wise Men. On the top of its bell tower stands the Star of Bethlehem.


We do not claim to be the new Wise Men, but we are aware that we are following in the footsteps of a millenary tradition and operating in the best possible way in the field of Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar. If they could magically appear in our time, they would not be astounded by what we do. Rather, they would be astonished at the purity of the active ingredients we extract from the plants.


We too follow the star leading to the awareness of nature, which we are an integral part of, giving us everything we need.

What has changed in the abyss of time since year zero is the quality of the solvents allowing Canax to be at the forefront of both active ingredient extraction and related research today.

But this is the final part of the process. In order to achieve the highest quality, Canax has decided to manage the entire supply chain, starting from indoor cultivations, in soil or hydroponic, which preserve the plants from any external threat, allowing a harmonious, natural and healthy development.

The Three Wise Men would like this too.