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About us


CANAX is specialized in the manufacturing of products and ingredients derived from cannabis sativa for medical, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, and veterinary use. CANAX monitors the entire process, from the selection of the genetics with the highest cannabinoids content to lab extraction and purification, to the formulation of products containing CBD and other active principles. CANAX is committed to the production and sale of 99.9% purity, CBD isolates of the highest quality, the manufacturing of the highest quality CBD oil, water-soluble CBD formulations, tinctures and capsules, edible and topical products. With specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the extraction of active principles from plants, CANAX is the ideal partner for the supply of highest quality ingredients and products.

We provide services in the production and formulation of white-label CBD oil and white-label natural CBD cosmetics.


We want to become a point of reference in the Italian, European and global market for MEDICAL CANNABIS SATIVA in the next few years; we believe we can have an important role internationally, making the most of its great potential, investing in farming, technologies, research and development of new products. Additionally, we intend to provide substantial medical and care benefits initiating and promoting the research on cannabis sativa and its uses.


  • Creation of a medical lab (GMP pharma) on an industrial scale for the extraction of active principles from cannabis sativa.
  • Indoor farming (GMP and GACP certifications) of selected genetics of the highest quality, with high cannabinoids content.
  • Sale of pure isolate ingredients with the highest extraction standards (GMP pharma).
  • Formulation and marketing of products with high quality CBD for the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, dietary supplements, and veterinary industries.
  • Products extraction and development for third parties (white label)
  • Creation of a research center for the study of cannabinoids and their effects on common diseases
  • Becoming an European leader in the growing extraction market