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Exenia Group Srl

Exenia has 20 years of experience in the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of active principles from plants. The company developed its technology, as well as its expertise, in various industries, specifically the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries.

Thanks to its structure and experts, Exenia can perform the following operations: production of plant extracts in powder and liquid form, farming of photosynthetic microorganisms, R&D, also for third parties, monitoring and management of R&D group projects, even in advanced stages.

Greenleaf Processors Inc.

Leader in wholesale extraction in California and CANAX strategic partner.

Greenleaf Processors will bring all its cannabis expertise of more than 8 years exclusively to CANAX in Europe, from lab design to the manufacturing development on an industrial scale.

Greenleaf labs located in Los Angeles (53,819 sq. ft.), Sacramento (21,528 sq. ft.) will be fully cloned in the Canax lab to immediately improve the extraction process.

Greenleaf is also a strategic partner for the distribution of Canax products in the U.S. market.

Evolution BNK

Evolution Bnk is at the forefront in the area of cannabis sativa indoor farming tools and technologies, thanks to its expertise and attention to the global market development and innovations.

Evolution Bnk brings a key knowledge for indoor farming development on an industrial scale, allowing an efficient vertical and scalable production.