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How to cut down costs and enhance the efficiency of extraction

By May 19, 2022June 7th, 2022No Comments

When we talk of extraction we include the multiple ways to operate, tools and techniques that allow the containment of costs and to obtain, not only a more economical, but also, a more efficient procedure.

Cannabis extraction: three ways to cut costs and increase efficiency

Cannabis extraction is a process which allows the separation of the active principles of the plant’s biomass, with the aim of creating extracts and distillates to be used in diverse sectors from the medical to the industrial.

The measures used in these procedures vary by methods and tools, and by the use or less of solvents. Regardless of the choice made by each single company in this sector, the application of certain measures can ensure a more efficient and economical extraction, thereby allowing the company room to grow.

Taking care in choosing raw material

A good starting point, i.e. high quality raw material, is essential to obtain a better product, with high potential and a robust terpene profile. In this case, the companies in advantage are the ones that have their hands on the entire process; the ones that grow their plants independently or in direct collaboration with farmers, with no mediators.

Using a high quality and tightly-controlled raw material the extraction process is far more efficient and rapid, because the plant that reaches the laboratories isn’t in need of any particular attention and, often, it arrives already clean and ready for use. Not only, but good raw material from the start guarantees more biomass; on the contrary, a poor biomass could make it necessary to repeat the extraction procedures, more than once, to obtain the same level of sophistication.

These measures are very important especially when the companies decide to follow extraction without solvents.

Study and develop the work environment to ease the procedures

The close study and the correct development of the work place are crucial in every field and, especially, in those situations where they have to follow different and extremely delicate processes.

A space designed correctly, in fact, allows the company to follow all the different procedures efficiently, not only for the time being, but also in the long term, and, most importantly, with an eye on possible growth and expansion. And this, in situations where there’s a vertical structure, applies to all the stages of production, because in this way the raw material can reach the laboratory for extraction rapidly and with less chance of decay.

Another precaution to keep in mind is the development of a space that permits more than one activity at once, to avoid the “bottleneck” effect in case of setbacks, delays or urgent demands from clients.

The key word is automation

Technology is a precious ally when we talk of efficiency and cost reduction and especially in the field of extraction, where the small details make a difference.

In this context, the word “technology” is equivalent to “automation” – going side by side with the study and design of the work environments – because, thanks to this last one the costs and the production times can be greatly reduced.

Automation can be applied to all the phases of production, from filtration to the true extraction following the transportation of the tools and of the raw materials, and it can also increase the ease of the work space allowing experts to better follow the procedures that demand particular attention.

The process of automation of a company often has high costs at the moment of implementation, but bear in mind that it will pay off in time.