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CBD in water-soluble nanoemulsion: the next revolution on the market

By December 5, 2022No Comments

CBD in water-soluble nanoemulsion might be the next revolution on the market, both in the medical and food field. Here we discuss the topic, the studies on the subject and all the novelties coming straight from the USA.


What do we mean by the term “nanoemulsion”?


The term emulsion means the dispersion of a substance, in the form of small particles that remain completely insoluble, in a liquid; it’s what happens when we try to mix water with oil, for example. Based on this concept, we’re talking of nanoemulsions when the particles are extremely small.


Thanks to advanced technologies and a constantly evolving market, interest and attention for nanoemulsions has grown, especially in the cosmetic, food and medical field, where they’re appreciated for their high stability and for their ease in conveying drugs and active principles.


CBD in water soluble nanoemulsions


Recently, among the markets that have shown interest in nanoemulsions there’s the CBD market; many companies have launched programs and projects for the creation and development of new products higher in quality and efficiency.


CBD and other cannabinoids, in fact, are extracted from the hemp plant as an oil, but our water-based biology has difficulty in accessing and absorbing the oily molecules from hemp oil drops by mouth or topically applied. Nanoemulsions might help us avoid this inconvenience.


CBD in nanoemulsions: the study


The new projects are based, among others, on a study entitled “Development of a Novel Nanoemulsion Formulation to Improve Intestinal Absorption of Cannabidiol” and published on Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.


“The cannabidiol (CBD) is highly lipophilic and its oral bioavailability is known to be very low in humans. In this study, we have developed a new formula of CBD nanoemulsions (CBD-NE) to improve the poor solubility and absorption of CBD”, researchers explain. Cannabidiol in nanoemulsion was administered orally to mice.


The data gathered showed that the new nanoemulsion formulation developed by the researchers has greatly improved the absorption of CBD and the new formula could have a quicker and stabler action of the cannabidiol inside the body.


CBD in water-soluble nanoemulsion: market news


Based on relevant studies, among the first companies to have shown interest in this field was the American Pressure BioSciences, leading company in the USA for the development and retail of innovative solutions based on pressure technologies, which in March 2020 announced the opening of a new laboratory exclusively dedicated to CBD in nanoemulsion.


The goal for “Ultra Shear Technology (UST) Demonstration Laboratory” is to create high quality water-soluble nanoemulsions, more stable with a higher bioavailability compared with standard macro or micro emulsions used today in most of the products containing CBD.


To ride the wave today there is also HempRise, among the leading companies in hemp extractions in the USA and specialised in products based on cannabinoids, which in June 2022 announced the launch of HempNANO, a new nanoemulsion destined for the beverage sector and which easily allows the addition of  CBD to drinks, alcoholic or not.


In its presentation, the company explained that this novelty could revolutionise the sector: nanoemulsion, in fact, is the key for reaching a homogeneous CBD beverage, because of the minuscule drops of oil uniformly distributed in the liquid. Other strengths include a longer product life.