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Cannabis and animals: a resource for our four legged friends  

By September 9, 2022No Comments
Cannabis e animali: una risorsa per i nostri amici a 4 zampe

It is known to be useful for human beings, but few know that Cannabis can be a precious resource even for the well- being of our four-legged friends. In animals too the endocannabinoid system is present and, consequently, the cannabinoids present in the plant can intervene and contribute to the homeostasis of the organism thanks to their numerous therapeutic properties. Here’s how.


Cannabis and animals: the therapeutic properties and the importance of a personalised treatment.

Cannabis is gaining more and more popularity even in the veterinarian world as an alternative and natural therapy for the well being of our four legged friends. In particular, the plant’s compounds, cannabidiol primarily, have been used for the past years for treating tumours, arthritis, epilepsy, dermatitis, anxiety and stress to increase the quality of life of animals.


It is crucial, while treating animals as in treating humans, to follow a personalised therapy, as reminded even by the Doctor Elena Battaglia on the website


“Two animals with the same pathology and same weight using the same variety of Cannabis could have different reactions and then need different doses. That’s why it’s crucial to be advised by a well-prepared professional”, the Doctor explains. “In order to formulate a therapeutic plan it is necessary to fully know the animal’s history,from diet, previous pathologies, to drugs taken and eventual intolerances. Once we get through this, it’s decided which cannabis strain will do better for that pathology type and for that precise animal. Most of the time it is enough to set a therapy with only full spectrum CBD, other times it is necessary to resort to the THC present in Cannabis. The Cannabis varieties available to the pharmacist to make a galenic preparation are not many. Each one, however, has special aspects, so, before choosing the one that suits us, it is good to know them thoroughly. Sometimes it can be enough to use a single variety of cannabis, other times, such as in oncological cases, combining more varieties can be useful to allow us to have more phyto complexes that work together”.


Cannabis for our four-legged friends: the pathologies and conditions treated

As anticipated, Cannabis can be used in the veterinary field for the treatment of different pathologies and disorders. These are the most frequent uses.


Skin conditions

Also common in humans, dermatitis can cause suffering and discomfort even to animals. In this case, CBD, following a veterinary prescription, can act as anti-inflammatory and help the skin of your four-legged friend to find relief and return to balance.




In the case of arthritis, often a serious and disabling pathology, Cannabis can be useful for many aspects, acting mostly as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


“There are several therapies based on NSAIDs and cortisones to overcome pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, all these drugs, in the long run, have side effects”, Doctor Battaglia explains. “The use of full spectrum CBD or medical Cannabis allows in most cases decreasing use of the above and in many cases to have no more need of them”.



In the case of tumours, very common among older animals, the owner can resort (always by veterinary prescription) to medical Cannabis, which can help slow down the progression of cancer and reduce both pain and the inflammation connected to it.

“All animal owners who have taken this route have noticed how therapeutic Cannabis has allowed their companion to lead a serene and almost normal life to the last”,added  Doctor Battaglia about it.



According to a study available on the North Carolina State University website, epilepsy seems to affect 1% of dogs and 2% of domestic cats. In this case, CBD and CBG can have beneficial effects, drastically improving the animal’s life quality.


Anxiety and stress

Not everyone knows this, but even animals can suffer from anxiety and stress. CBD and CBG, in this case, just as for humans, are able to act as anxiolytics and relaxants and to give excellent results.