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Canax new official distributor of Panaceo activated Zeolite products

By October 1, 2022October 13th, 2022No Comments
Panaceo Med Therapy Pro

Canax becomes the official distributor in Italy of Panaceo products based on activated Zeolite (PMA-zeolite™)

Panaceo MED THERAPY-PRO is a natural medical device that acts as a cation exchanger in the gastrointestinal tract and can selectively bind and remove certain harmful substances. The active ingredient in Panaceo MED THERAPY-PRO is optimised PMA-zeolite™. The PMA technology (Panaceo Micro Activation) is patented and the uniqueness of PMA-zeolite™ as well as its promised effect are scientifically proven. It is well known that stress, especially from medication or psychophysical stress, can trigger an alteration of the intestinal wall barrier (leaky gut). Due to increased permeability, more harmful substances and endotoxins enter the blood stream from the intestine. Possible symptoms associated with ‘leaky gut’ are, for example, increased inflammation and liver values, non-specific tiredness or a poor general condition. It is advisable to clarify the symptoms with a doctor.

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